Time passenger Eva-M. Horstick cutout

I believe Eva is a very intelligent and hard working artist who deserves whatever support may be available. She possesses a very inquiring mind, which she is always quite willing to turn to the issues of the human condition.
Because of her diverse cultural and personal background, I think she adds a welcome note of photographic concern to a world in which many others are almost exclusively production and market oriented. At the same time, she has the ability to keep her inquiries and opinions firmly grounded in the real world.
As a photographer, Eva clearly demonstrates sound artistic capabilities. She is a challenging photographer, one who raises the level of perception by asking probing questions and seeking to go beyond normal expectations.
Driven by passion, her art of photography is her way of communicating with the outside world. Eva-M. Horstick moves the hearts of her audience and especially encourages young woman to free themselves from social constraints, making their own dreams and ideals come true.
After all, as she understands so well from back at the beginning of her road, true photography and true art is about the future and starts in that place called hope. 
Sönke C. Weiss 2016 

Sönke C. Weiss 2016 

All Photos co. Eva-Maria Horstick /ArtEve _Art@live.de

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