AI generated with my words -smal cutout 

We give you examples of my  images on request. Thank you. intriguing eva-maria...from my astrologycal person... (TEXT Sarah  LEE USA ) 

I'm picking up that you are an independent soul, your vibration is incredibly unique… mysterious… enigmatic… totally individual…( thats true and brought me also trouble in the past ) 

I sense a perfect combination within you… great determination alongside a go-with-the-flow nature… (most people have only one or the other)!

I can imagine you're a big-picture thinker who can see connections easily… and have an original and quirky-quick intelligence, analytical but not aloof.

And… am I right to suggest that you can make hard things look so incredibly easy?

Maybe that's because of your passion for discovering new things, places, and people... or because you simply find joy in the "journey".

eva-maria, I feel you are destined to achieve greatness in some form in this lifetime.

And I sense that you are at a crossroads in your life regarding moving toward that greatness now.

Your soul reading shows a strong drive to make the world a better place.

You are someone who never gives up… working towards something with fierce passion… until you believe it's finally "good enough".

You probably think things through carefully before taking the leap, but your soul craves change and evolution… continuous growth… and searches for peace and freedom.  Sarah Lee Text /Thank you

( As an artist I use web 3 NFT - AI-KI - Arteve at opensea - my son Marius does this now for me ) Eva-Maria Horstick  all photos /KI AI Eva-M. Horstick just a smal cutout of my work 


All Photos co. Eva-Maria Horstick /ArtEve

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