Wege sind Lebenserfahrungen ...
Wege sind Lebenserfahrungen ...

My way into ART began also with my Alldayphotos. Where I went, I am always looking for energy  around. Fashion, Art, Life.

I will send out a portfolio by request. Thank you.

Eva-Maria Horstick 2000-2023

Images on request 

Evas Art all the years _ resulting in an aesthetic and philosophical synthesis that captivates the viewer and challenges beliefs. Her series visually the delicate interplay between physical, consciousness and also liberation.

Eva s  photographic works provide a sharp and compelling representation of the intersection between human, fashion, streetlife and positive energy.   

on the way ... every day poetry
my feet and underground 2000-2023 heaven always above...
cutout of every day life ...
Artist Eva-Maria Horstick travelling : Füsse/Schuhe/Wege  Photos von meinen Reisen 
when we were still allowed to travel with no tongues...

life was easier to manage

It was important to me to perceive everyday life as well as my conceptual projects

Excerpt from the everyday book from Eve's point of view

All Photos co. Eva-Maria Horstick /ArtEve _Art@live.de

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