Photo meets Manga Gallery cutout

Photo meets Manga: The Voyage of two Souls

"Eva Maria Horstick's art project "Photo meets Manga" prompts new, unfamiliar ways of perception"

The voyage of one soul. Two worlds collide with a silent bang. This contradiction marks the merging of carefully staged photography of everyday life and colourfully, naively sketched Manga. Contours and boundaries become indistinguishable and disappear.Eva-Maria Horstick's work mirrors reality but at the same time stays fictional. Through her work, the artist moves the heart of her audience and especially encourages young people to free themselves from social constraints, making their own dreams and ideals come true. Istanbul, Paris, NYC, Tel Aviv, Dortmund, London, Vienna, Portugal, Spain, Denmark are some of her locations where Eva-Maria has worked on her art-photos. Eva-Maria's photography is inspired from deep within her soul, she uses landscape, still rooms and fantastic ideas, and combines them with thechniques of artistic photography and Mangas to create poetic art that flows into your soul. Her motivation as an artist is to create contemporary photographic art inspired by her dreams. The artist allows the Mangas in photographs to blend into the real backgrounds through the hue of a dreamy, fantastic light. Eva-Maria's subject matter has developed into a very unique style. These works were inspired by the real cosmopolitian life that resonates in today's generation. In the collection of Arthotek Dortmund, city of Dortmund and private Collectors. 

Text Sönke C. Weiss _ Photoart Eva-M. Horstick - here you can see a smal cutout / more by request please / limited edition 

All Photos co. Eva-Maria Horstick /ArtEve

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