In 2002, the photo artist Eva-Maria finished her studies at the Fachhochschule Dortmund and graduated with a Master's degree in Communications Design/Photo Design. Her final project was named "Station Prizren" and was done in Kosovo dealing with the work of the UN as a video project.

Years before her studies, camera, choreography and performance already determined Eva-Maria's creative work when she i.g. staged fashion shows as theatrical events. An exciting mix of opera, pop-culture and jazz. After many years in the world of fashion, she then focused on photography. Her pictures ended up in renowned magazines as Focus, die Zeit, Clique Canada, NY Welltone Music, Extract London, Unicum. Since 2005 Eva-Maria is dedicating her time solely to artistic photography.

It's important to her not to only capture moments, but the truth behind the surface. She dives into the souls of her subjects and tries to find a sustainable depth. Inspiration for her work she finds during her travels to South Africa, Moscow, Kosovo, Paris, Prague, Berlin, New York City and in the Ruhr region of Germany. Eva-Maria has created many different photography series that were shown in her own exhibitions and group exhibitions nationally and internationally.

From 1999 to 2013 she photographed families in the Ruhr region in their social and cultural environment. Speaking of environment. Long before it was en vogue, she also focused her work onto sustainable development and climate change. 2011 this work and other examples of her art were shown at the Museum of Modern and Experimental Art in Dortmund. From 2004 to 2011 she reinvented Manga photo art with young Manga artist and combined photography and Mangas. Her series "Zero o'clock night active" was shot in New York City, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, London, Paris, Eilat, Berlin, Istanbul and other cities worldwide.

Eva-Maria has exhibited (selection): NYC Deutsches Haus, NYC JCC Manhatten, Levante Haus Hamburg, Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Dortmund, Hoesch Museum, Frauenmuseum Bonn, Museum Steyr Österreich, AAART Foundation Österreich, Berlin Galerie am Arkona Platz, Galerie Art Engert, Galerie Altena, Stadtgalerie Dortmund, Galerie Camera Obscura, 85 shows with Terre des Femmes. Her work is in the following permanent collections (selection): Museum Dortmund, Exper Consult Dortmund, Vienna, Cologne, Brussels, NYC and Düsseldorf.  Text Sönke C. Weiss 

All Photos co. Eva-Maria Horstick /ArtEve


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